Contract Manufacturing for Prefilled Syringes

Innate offers premier services in contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes, specializing in the production of high-quality orthopedic products.

Orthopaedic product lines

Innate is a CDMO specializing in orthopedic product lines, that offers various solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of companies in the healthcare sector. Our expertise lies in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge orthopedic products, encompassing applications as vials, tubes, and pre-filled syringes. Contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes is established following strict processes after the customers is guided in choosing the most suitable formulations and formats, in order to adhere to the highest quality standards, for which we are certified, and deliver safe, reliable and innovative product lines.

As contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes, Innate is aware of the necessity to have different formats available, that’s why our range include 1ml – 2.25ml – 3ml – 5ml sizes that allows us to guarantee a production capacity between 2mln vials/year and 4ml – 200.000 vials/year. Whether it’s developing custom formulations, optimizing packaging, or ensuring regulatory compliance, we partner with companies to bring their orthopedic products to market efficiently and effectively.

contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes
contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes


At Innate, quality is the most valuable asset: our products are manufactured in order to comply with the highest industry standards.

Worldwide certifications for quality

Innate’s reseach for quality doesn’t stop with R&D studies, analysis and innovation tests, we understand the importance of both global and country-based certifications. Starting with 2011 certification ISO 9001 and 13485, we continued specializing over the years with CE class III with ISNN, CE class II with ISNN and CE class III with KIWA notified body. Not just focusing on contract manufacturing for prefilled syringes and other orthopeadic application, we ensure the highest quality standards in every part of internal processes and across all our operations. In particular, our ISO 9001:2015 certification underscores our dedication to quality management systems, for a consistent product quality and better customer satisfaction; ISO 13485:2016 certification is mandatory for compliance with regulatory requirements specific to medical devices, reinforcing our commitment to safety and efficacy in orthopedic product development and manufacturing.

Additionally, our WIPO certification signifies protection of intellectual property rights, safeguarding innovations and ensuring confidentiality throughout the product lifecycle. These certifications, among numerous others for country such as Russia, Libia and United Arab Emirates, are actual pillars of trust, assuring our partners of our unwavering dedication to excellence and adherence to global best practices in orthopedic solutions.

Visit our website to discover more about our application in the orthopaedic field and how to be partner and start developing your own line!

prefilled syringes contract manufacturing
prefilled syringes contract manufacturing


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