For Companies

For Companies

Innate offers to companies a wide range of services, ranging from product conception to tests according to current legislation, up to the final product. Find out what our Production can do for you and how the phases of creating an Innate medical device are articulated.

We create injectable products, creams, liquids and vaginal ovules, but we are always ready to welcome all the ambitions of our customers, accompanying them on a path of virtuous growth. Innate's internal laboratory allows us to follow the client throughout his or hers journey: from the idea of ​​the product to its final realization. We use a broad formulation database, which is updated thanks to research and development of innovative and winning formulations. The laboratory is managed by qualified personnel and updated on current regulations.

The Production is divided into four departments where we produce and package both products for third parties and those with Innate brand. In Production, Innate boasts state-of-the-art machinery, efficient and capable of maintaining consistency in the quality of each piece. This does not exclude human control, which is necessary to evaluate production.

Sterile injectable products

We have two IMA Pharmasiena filling machines for filling and capping syringe vials.
There is a semi-automatic machine for small productions and pilot lots, the second automated capable of 1200 vials / hour: in this way, we satisfy the different requests of our customers.

Ovules and Suppositories

At the forefront also in the manufacture of delicate products such as ovules and suppositories, Innate has quality machinery for top-level production.


One of the Production departments is dedicated to the management of liquids and packaging for vaginal lavenders.

Creams and Gels

Last, large department is the one dedicated to creams and gels: our qualified staff follows the production of lots of various kinds.