Sterile injectable products

Sterile injectable products

We have two IMA Pharmasiena filling machines for filling and capping syringe vials.
There is a semi-automatic machine for small productions and pilot lots, the second automated capable of 1200 vials / hour: in this way, we satisfy the different requests of our customers.

In production there are also autoclaves DeLama for sterilization, one of which for small productions or pilot lots, the second instead for lots of 5000 syringe vials.
The department is completed by packaging machines, semi-automatic blister machines for small productions and one for 5000 blister packs per day.

Finally, there is also an automatic CAM brand cartoning machine and a small closed-tip glass ampoule filler.

Ovules and Suppositories

At the forefront also in the manufacture of delicate products such as ovules and suppositories, Innate has quality machinery for top-level production.


One of the Production departments is dedicated to the management of liquids and packaging for vaginal lavenders.

Creams and Gels

Last, large department is the one dedicated to creams and gels: our qualified staff follows the production of lots of various kinds.