Innovative, Natural and Technological. Innate was born in 2004 from Dr. Panzieri's experience in the preparation of cosmetic products field,  and evolved over the years up to the production of medical devices.

Thanks to Innate's attention to quality, the company has been growing since its foundation. In Innate, we maintain high educational and experiential levels, to obtain a product of the highest quality right from the conception. During production, our team's controls are always present, always up-to-date with current regulations. We are able to produce different quantities of products, to meet the needs of customers who entrust us with their ambitions.

Production and Laboratory

Thanks to our laboratory's structure and the potential of the production personnel, INNATE can start from the conception of the project up to its final creation.

The Qualified Team

Innate has grown and continues to improve thanks to the people who build it, follow it and improve every day.
Here is our team!

Innate Brand Products

INNATE products have been designed, tested and produced to support very high quality levels, in compliance with the standards and our end customers: their satisfaction is proof of our good work.

Specifically, INNATE presents the following products: