Innate Brand Products

Innate Brand Products

INNATE products have been designed, tested and produced to support very high quality levels, in compliance with the standards and our end customers: their satisfaction is proof of our good work.

Specifically, INNATE presents the following products:

  • PROmovia: a hyaluronic acid gel for infiltrative use, as a substitute for synovial fluid. In the intra-articular cavity, hyaluronic acid is metabolized by enzymatic processes. Its flexibility and composition make it a class 3 sterile and injectable medical device.

  • PROmovia Hydrobalance: this generation is designed to remain inside the intra-articular cavity for longer, and is therefore suitable for the needs of those, such as the elderly, who need the effect of hyaluronic acid to continue for a long time. Class 3 medical device, sterile and injectable.

  • PROmovia Cream: is a body massage cream based on essential oils, plant extracts (arnica, hypericum, Boswellia), capsicum oleoresin, capsaicin and menthol. Its soothing and relaxing properties offer relief in the event of muscle pain and stiffness.

  • Innea: Hyaluronic acid gel for aesthetic use, specifically used as a bio-revitalizing. The subcutaneous injection of Innea introduces a large amount of water bound to hyaluronic acid in numerous layers of the dermis. In this way, Innea promotes not only a deep hydration, but also the stimulation and conservation of the proteins that we naturally have in the dermis, such as collagen. Innea is a class 3 sterile, injectable medical device.

  • Innea Aqua: Sterile injectable, biodegradable and isotonic gel, for intra-articular use. It contains a calibrated mixture of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a low molecular weight one. Useful to combat natural skin aging and in cases of dermal tissue repair. Class 3 medical device, sterile and injectable.

  • Cerviron: INNATE also produces vaginal ovules containing Hyaluronic Acid (specifically, 10 mg of Hyaluronic Acid for each egg). Cerviron is a class 2A medical device.


Production and Laboratory

Thanks to our laboratory's structure and the potential of the production personnel, INNATE can start from the conception of the project up to its final creation.

The Qualified Team

Innate has grown and continues to improve thanks to the people who build it, follow it and improve every day.
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